An introduction to Sleep Hygiene

No, it’s not all about how often you change your sheets! Although there is nothing better than getting into a nice fresh bed. Sleep Hygiene is a term that is used to describe good sleep habits. There has been a considerable amount of research into developing guidelines and tips that will enhance a good night’s sleep and there is a great deal of scientific evidence to support the strategies the can provide long-term solutions to sleep problems.

As we all know there are many medications that can help, and are used to treat insomnia, but these tend to only be useful in the short term. Using sleeping pills long-term can lead to a dependency and will interfere with good sleep habits which in turn can lead to prolonged sleep difficulties.

You should of course talk to your doctor or health professional about what is right for you, but remember, good sleep hygiene is an important part of reducing those sleepless nights whether it is in conjunction with medication or on its own.

Over the next few weeks we will bring you a series of sleep hygiene tips that will help you to improve your sleep patterns and gain a better understanding of why you perhaps aren’t sleeping as well as you could.